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Our client's success in the digital world is our primary mission.

Founded in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, Vasari Tech is a young software development consultancy led by industry specialists with years of real-world experience building and creating perceptive and incisive software solutions. 

​Today’s times are showing that we need to be consistently vigilant to keep our clients on the path towards continuous growth. Technology has shown to make repetitive processes less stressful and promote productivity. Automation of these tasks is necessary to be ahead of the competition. Vasari Tech has the mission to accelerate the transition to the digital age with the ultimate goal of keeping and creating your company’s momentum. 

Your business's drive for digital innovation is our everyday purpose.

Functionality and Simplicity

“Design is not simply what it looks like, design is how it functions” - Steve Jobs.

We as a company want to make sure that our products not only work but work with the user. Human interaction is an important factor that needs to taken into account when creating anything.

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Quality and Efficiency

We still like to consider ourselves a student for life generating new ways on how projects can be created faster, improved, more effectively, and more efficiently. With big data and transmission capacity, it has been more important to focus on scalability.


We love challenges. Without them we get bored and our minds wander. We value creativity and we exercise it to solve the right kind of problems with the most innovative solutions.


Our Team


Kyle Kacprzynski

Web Designer & Software Engineer

Michael O'Brien

Data Analyst & Software Engineer


Heather Leigh

Business Development Specialist