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Project Assessment

Before considering Vasari our specialist will contact you to discuss if we are the right fit for your business and your project. The main points we will discuss are:

  • Introduction

  • Approach

  • Budget



We break down all the parts that are necessary to overcome the challenge that your organization faces. Together we create a comprehensive design document including all the features, the time needed for the completion, and an estimated price. This document includes all the details that are required. Any additional feature or modification requested outside of the document will get billed separately per hour.



We will now gather all the resources and understand what the internal components of the project will be. We assign the developers to a role. We create visual sketches of the prototype. At the end of this process we will release a sketch with the structure of the application, you will give us feedback until we  you are happy with how it looks and feels.



When you like the design, we proceed and start the development. We break down the individual features into tickets and group up tickets into sprints, epics (JIRA), and internal deadlines. Each developer will be assigned to a section and he will be responsible for taking on these tickets. Some developers will be working on multiple sections simultaneously.

"Award motivation and don’t limit a resource to its main role."



Based on the contract we’ll decide how often we’ll be showing the current status of the application. The first demo will show the current development in its integrity and show you how we broke down the problem into smaller problems. You will be able to request additional demos as we continue the development.


We will help you integrate the application into your organization's daily life and culture. Going forward we will discuss the structure of rollout of new features, any possible defects, and modifications if needed. We will support and approach any new features required by you and users staying innovative as your business expands.

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