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Talcual is a young delivery-only restaurant in Mexico City, they want to bring value to their customers by providing a healthy alternative for corporate employees ordering lunch.

They have two kitchens across the city and various zip codes to serve. When an order would come in Talcual had to decide which kitchen should be preparing the order and notify the user when the order would be on its way.

The orders would be taken from their Squarespace website and they needed an automated way to distribute the load of orders between the two locations.
Initially, they had an employee supervising the incoming orders, write them in an excel spreadsheet, calling the individual kitchens, and assign them the order.
Neither Socrates nor Plato. Simply organic ingredients, proud producers, delicious recipes, and happy customers. This is the Talcual philosophy.


Goodbye to chemicals, hormones, processed foods, and preservatives, because the truth is, no one wants that in their food anymore. Hello to organic ingredients, recipes prepared at home, and a healthier and more nutritious diet.


We have found the best producers in the region, who harvest at the ideal time to obtain the best properties from their products. Mexico is very fertile land and it is not necessary to go beyond a few kilometers around our city to find the best of the land.

We created a mobile application that tracked Squarespace's incoming orders and distributed them across the app based on the location of the person that took the order.

The app would be aware of what tablet it was opened and what kitchen it was located. It would read from a remote database and would display the order with its status.

The kitchen manager would set the order as accepted / in progress / completed and the customer would be notified.
Excel spreadsheets were discarded, the employee was now able to focus on marketing and other marketing duties and the problem of distribution of the orders was solved.
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